In Dice Mice, players take the role as a posh mouse fighting through trash monsters that have taken over your land. In your disposal you have five dice that can be used for attacking the monsters five different cores.

Defeat monsters by attacking their heart core, but just focusing on that core won’t do you any good, you have to take into account the attack and defence core as well. If you are feeling adventurous during a fight then try to go for a quintuple for an instant victory!

Just know that if things get tough there is always the flee core; run from the battle and try a new one! Maybe the next encounter will be in your favor? Or if you are in a real pinch, try to build on the bandage core to heal during battle!

After each defeated monster you earn loot, you will need it to defeat your nemesis!

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Keyboard: Arrow keys, Z and X
Controller: D-pad / Joystick, A and B


Sebastian Lind Twitter

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how does the 1 with a circle around it work?


We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 47: Dice Games

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks! I like the idea of some block move/heal move, maybe I can add a new core to design around in the future.

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I wonder if there's room to expand this further? At the moment, runs end too quickly for the idea of having a build to take root, and the fights are hard enough that you're better off resting, as two to three fights in a row will likely end your run no matter how lucky your rolls are.

Terry Cavanagh's Dicey Dungeons has some good ideas on that front, and not just because it's also about dice! He separates the dungeon into 5 or 6 floors, divides the enemies into difficulty buckets and randomly populates each floor with 2-3 enemies of a particular difficulty one of which is often optional if you don't mind missing out on a shop/item chest/healing item, and the floors get harder as you go. There's also a light levelling mechanic that grants a full heal on levelling up. These things combine to give a real sense of pushing your luck, and the difficulty curve / run length means you get to feel like you're working towards a particular build, depending on what fortune throws your way.

In terms of the fights themselves, I wonder if the weak core would be better off as something more strategic (perhaps even changing between enemies, to give more enemy variety) that can be activated by something less improbable, like a full house. You can still hold out the prospect of a big reward for a yahtzee, but maybe not link it to a core? It could also be strategically interesting to have a core that operates as a longer-term dice-sink, so you're choosing between putting short-term damage into the heart core, or building a long straight (or whatever) over multiple turns in the dice-sink core in order to, for example, increase your attack/block stat (which is a little under-utilised for your character) or heal or something more interesting.

Thanks for the feedback! I will see what what I can tweak in the future


This game is really fun!! Really easy to pick up too, and the visual polish is on point. Balance-wise, I haven't found much use in getting triplets for removing defence, since those dice would be better used just attacking health directly. Although, if there is an enemy with very high defence I would see the benefit to getting triplets. Great game!


Thank you so much! You make a good point, but yes it is sometimes not neccessary, however having a triplet with low dice number say 1-3, it can be effective as the damage would be low either way. Combine that with loot that heals when using it as well and you have a powerful move :)


@Hamezii, I now updated removing defence to 3->4, now it should be more useful!


I really enjoyed this! It was very easy to learn and pretty intuitive, and very fun. Definitely looking forward to more from this developer :)

Thanks! If you want to play more of my games and have not played Cards with Personalites then I can recommend that :)

nice game :) but i had an error.

Thanks, will look at it tomorrow!


Fixed, thanks for the screenshot!