Fezier is an arena shooter were you control a fez wearing magican. Weild the power of magic and slay the damm blobs!

The magican is controlled with the mouse and moves towards the mouse position.
To shoot, just left click, this will send out a beam. Aim the beam on the blobs to slay them. The rest will be learned in game!

The game includes:

  • Arcade: with 27 levels to beat on 3 diffficulty settings!
  • Endless: Endless of fun, can you earn all medals?
  • Ten different enemies: Learn all the enemies behaviors to slay them all!
  • Retro graphics: Made on the fantasy console PICO-8 !

Good luck and have fun!

/ Elastiskalinjen


Windows 962 kB
Mac 3 MB
Linux 534 kB


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this game is SO GOOD! please let us pick mouse or keyboard controls so its a bit easier cuz im stuck at lvl 4!
heres a funny image cuz i got it from a youtube post lol(its also my logo

Will see if I will update this one day! 

7/10 the mouse only controls are bad