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i feel like when two attacks hit, sometimes there is a clash type situation. what is it?

If I remembered correctly you can counter a long charge with just a small tackle. If both charge I think both just gets knocked back.


this game is good!




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Really enjoyed that! The AI was tough.


Thanks! Yes it is a little difficult, did not want to to multiple difficulty levels so had to find a middle ground.

Just strong enough imo. It must've been fun to program!


Thanks! Definitely, the code got kind of messy at the end, but it feel kinda smart. It is fun to put two ai against each other, they make some great plays sometimes!


You should add that into the game! I love watching AIs duke it out! 


I will think about it 😊

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It sounds like a mix of ARMS parody with the Damage system of Super Smash Bros. Lol.

A little bit maybe, never thought about that!