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my progress got reset and when i checked i saw there was an update and now i have to beat that llama again

Probably chrome that resetted your progress, did not do any changes to the save system last patch.


what is the difference from the bbs one?


Nothing, I am working on a bigger version though with more bosses and cards!



epic game it is totally balanced

 - a guy who has a great wall in his deck



This is fantastic, but I really really really with forfeit had a confirmation, or didn't exist.


Thanks! Yep, if I can find the time I should definitely move it to the pause menu instead.


Added a confirmation to forfeiting!


Just saw this, awesome! Cheers!

No worries,  definitely needed one!


Cool game!


i love this game however i have to ask is there some kind of sequel/full version or similar game i can play i love the mechanics and wish there where more games that used them


Thanks! :)

Hopefully next year I will start making a non pico version of this!

But in the mean time, search for deck building games. I can recommend Star Realms, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer or if you like card game rougelike then Slay the Spire!


This is a very lovely little deckbuilder! The fact that some cards are meant to be bought while others represent enemies that you have to defeat is a really cute bit of design. Nice work!


Thanks 😊


I'm completely addicted to this game... I've always had a love of deck-building board games. But the UI and rules are so simple that anyone without previous knowledge of the genre can pick it up!

Can't seem to get past the Gassy Bat (a combination of the bombardment of monsters from the "market" deck and her high attacks leave me dead before I have the chance to collect good cards)

It would be interesting to see if the "deck" you crafted from one boss carries on to the next one allowing for greater difficulty curves along with a sense of progression (or maybe you choose to keep 5 cards from that boss which is added to the "starting" deck).

Overall this game was really fun to play!

This is lovely feedback, thanks for sharing! :)

Great idea! There is a lot of fun things that you can do with the game, and hopefully I can do a follow up and not in Pico-8 because it have a code limit that I have reached and fighted with during the development time :/


i'm in love with this game! at first i was a little confused by the rules, but after reading them a few times, i think i get it! i still don't understand all of the bosses' attacks, but this game is addictive + fun nevertheless!

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Thanks, happy to hear that! Maybe I need to do a spreadsheet on all the effects in the game ☺️


Really fun game; didn't think a deck-builder in Pico-8 would work, but the simplicity of the engine and UI design really adds a lot to it.

Main complaint I can think of is I wish there was another "always available" option (like the Knight) that helped gain gold, just to make starts without any cheap gold producers in the lane feel a little better. Still, though, fun game.

Thanks ☺️ I aggre with you, I was really fighting if I should make the shiny knight a 3 and give it 2 attack, 1 gold. Problem is that it makes it a too good of a choice. The best would have been if you could choose of what version you want, a 2 attack or 2 gold version.








This is pretty fun. Reminds me of a mobile game called to arm

Thanks, never played it!

I'm guessing only Early Dracula is implemented at the moment?

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Nope, all bosses are implented! You just have to level up by playing ☺️ (but tell me if it is too hard to level up)


OK.  I just thought the UI was confusing.  For the backgrounds you get a little lock symbol to indicate what you haven't unlocked.  For the bosses, they don't appear to be locked or disabled.  I just can't choose any one but the first.

I expected to unlock a new boss as soon as I completed the current one. It may make sense to permit unlocking the next boss without the required XP if you complete the previous one.  Grinding on a hard boss but never completing it could still be an option to unlock even harder bosses (but good luck beating those!).

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Thanks again for the feedback, I will see what I can do to make it more clear and more fair 🙏🏻


Super fun!  I managed to beat the first boss on my third try.

I think the graveyard shovel may be buggy.  It allows me to put a card back in my playing lane but, after I use the shovel, all my remaining cards just have the discard action.

Other thoughts.  I was a bit irked that my remaining resources reset after each round.  The game would undeniably be easier if you kept your resources but it would also permit some multi-round strats like saving up for an expensive card.  I'm sure you considered this though and balanced the game with this in mind.

The description is off above "Then if minions exist in the lane they will attack" should probably be "monsters"

Thanks for the feedback! I think you are using the Great rod and for that you need discard one card so you have to prepare a little first! Will update the text ☺️