In Cards with Personalities, players take on the role of a humble hero trying to assemble a team of great personalities to defeat the weird bosses that roam the lands. Each turn, you will play cards from your hand to gain Gold, Attack or other effects (like converting monsters to your side). You can spend Gold to acquire new cards from your deck. Attack is used to slay monsters, which earns you Gold and other cool effects. The battlefield is always changing so you have to adapt and come up with new strategies to defeat all eight bosses!


  • Move cursor
    • Keyboard: Arrow keys | Controller: D-pad or Joystick 
  • Action button
    • Keyboard: Z | Controller: A / Y
  • Secondary button
    • Keyboard: X | Controller: B / X

(All actions that you can take are indicated at the bottom screen)


Every turn starts by you drawing five cards from your deck. Your deck always starts with the same ten cards, seven mediocre bards and the three common guards. In order to win you will need to buy and defeat cards in the middle lane to build a better deck. To do that, first draw from your deck by pressing the action button, then select which card you want to play and again presss the action button. After that, select the monster or minion you want to slay / buy. If you want read more about the cards, press the secondary button on them at any time.


There are three types of cards:


Cost Gold to buy and are indicated by the color of light blue (or brown for common cards). When bought, they are put in the graveyard and will be shuffled in the deck when there are no cards left to draw from your deck. The effects of the minions are activated when they are played.


Cost Attack to slay and are indicated by the color of dark purple. Monsters in the lane attack every turn for one damage so keep that in mind. The effects are played out when slaying them. After doing its effects the monster is removed from play.


Each boss has different effects. They will only attack when their criteria are met. The criteria are always depending how many turns a player have taken. When the number of turns corresponds to the criteria, the boss will attack and the turns will reset to zero. Bosses will also boost up their attack, they also follow a similar pattern to the criteria. Every turn end the boss will add one point to the boost, when all the dots are filled up the boss attack will increase and the dots wil reset to zero.

One really important thing to keep in mind is to remember to attack the boss, this will attack the boss with your remaining Attack so if you plan to slay monsters do that first. An option exist in the pause menu to auto attack on turn end.

End turn

If you have no cards left to play and you have done everything you planned this turn, press the action button on your deck and the turn will end. Three things will always be checked. First all your resources will reset (excluding block that will reset last). Then if monsters exist in the lane they will attack. And lastly if the criteria of the boss are met, it too will attack. Then five new cards can be drawn again and a new turn starts.  

Game end

Each game will have you trying to reduce the current boss health to zero. If you manage that you will be rewarded with lots of XP to unlock more bosses and backgrounds. If the boss manages to reduce your health to zero the game ends as well, only rewarding you XP for how much health you managed to reduce from the boss.


  • Design, programing and art
  • Music and SFX:  
    • José Ramón "Bibiki" García  (check him out, he is awesome!)
  • Main tester:  
    • Simon Lind (My always helpful brother and biggest fan)

Have fun and good luck! Do not hesitate to leave a comment about anything! If you enjoy the game then donations are welcome, it supports further development of more games.

/ Sebastian Lind


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i'm in love with this game! at first i was a little confused by the rules, but after reading them a few times, i think i get it! i still don't understand all of the bosses' attacks, but this game is addictive + fun nevertheless!

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Thanks, happy to hear that! Maybe I need to do a spreadsheet on all the effects in the game ☺️


Really fun game; didn't think a deck-builder in Pico-8 would work, but the simplicity of the engine and UI design really adds a lot to it.

Main complaint I can think of is I wish there was another "always available" option (like the Knight) that helped gain gold, just to make starts without any cheap gold producers in the lane feel a little better. Still, though, fun game.

Thanks ☺️ I aggre with you, I was really fighting if I should make the shiny knight a 3 and give it 2 attack, 1 gold. Problem is that it makes it a too good of a choice. The best would have been if you could choose of what version you want, a 2 attack or 2 gold version.








This is pretty fun. Reminds me of a mobile game called to arm

Thanks, never played it!

I'm guessing only Early Dracula is implemented at the moment?

(1 edit)

Nope, all bosses are implented! You just have to level up by playing ☺️ (but tell me if it is too hard to level up)


OK.  I just thought the UI was confusing.  For the backgrounds you get a little lock symbol to indicate what you haven't unlocked.  For the bosses, they don't appear to be locked or disabled.  I just can't choose any one but the first.

I expected to unlock a new boss as soon as I completed the current one. It may make sense to permit unlocking the next boss without the required XP if you complete the previous one.  Grinding on a hard boss but never completing it could still be an option to unlock even harder bosses (but good luck beating those!).

(1 edit)

Thanks again for the feedback, I will see what I can do to make it more clear and more fair 🙏🏻


Super fun!  I managed to beat the first boss on my third try.

I think the graveyard shovel may be buggy.  It allows me to put a card back in my playing lane but, after I use the shovel, all my remaining cards just have the discard action.

Other thoughts.  I was a bit irked that my remaining resources reset after each round.  The game would undeniably be easier if you kept your resources but it would also permit some multi-round strats like saving up for an expensive card.  I'm sure you considered this though and balanced the game with this in mind.

The description is off above "Then if minions exist in the lane they will attack" should probably be "monsters"

Thanks for the feedback! I think you are using the Great rod and for that you need discard one card so you have to prepare a little first! Will update the text ☺️